Minecraft Party Time!

As you might already know, I’m an all or nothing type of girl.  It’s full steam ahead or I’m not interested.  Well, party planning is no exception.  My son recently turned eight and he requested a Minecraft themed party.  Being the “crafty” mom that I am, I accepted.  Little did I know, Minecraft party supplies are not available in stores.  Shame on me for not checking first.  Ugh.  About a month before his party, I went to my trusted source of all my crafts…Pinterest.  I searched “Minecraft” and found a wealth of ideas and links.  Here are some of themost useful places and projects that I found.  Please enjoy my journey through the World of Minecraft.First, I made his custom invitation with Adobe Photoshop.  I searched the web to get ideas and then just created my own.  I downloaded the Minecraft font for a more realistic look here.  I used this font for invite labels and display cards.

One thing that was VERY difficult to was find were Minecraft printables.  It took some patience, but I finally found tons of printables here.  I downloaded the ones I liked the best and increased their size by 200%.  I sent the files to Kinkos and had them printed.  Note:  Do not have them printed on cardstock!  It’s crazy expensive and it’s really hard to fold.  Make sure you ask for the paper that’s thick, but not cardstock.  You will thank me!  I used the cubes as decoration down the middle of the table.  The kids loved it.  It was VERY time consuming, but it really added a nice touch to the party.

As for the cake… I found a place that sold custom “caketattoos” online.  They did a fantastic job and shipped it directly to my house.  I took it to a supermarket and they designed the cake around it.  You can find the link to the Etsy Cake Tattoo store here.

The favors that I handed out were adorable, but a bit of a nightmare.  We made TnT squares, Creeper Juice and Creeper goodies bags.  Again, time consuming but AWESOME in the end.  The Creeper Juice was simple.  We use small Mountain Dew drinks, removed the labels and drew a creeper on the front with a Sharpie.

 The TnT Boxes were made using the Minecraft font and red licorice.  We bought the 3x3x3 clear PVC tuck top boxes from  Papermart.com.

The Creeper goodie bags were by far the easiest.  I just cut out squares with a square punch on black construction paper and glued them onto the front of the bags.  I found the bags at Michaels.

I made two little displays with the leftover licorice bits and Rolos.  The kids seemed to enjoy grabbing candy throughout the party.  Who wouldn’t right?

 When I was done, and believe me, I never felt like I was going to be done.  I was very happy with the results.  I even attempted to make a “Stevie” that took WAY too long to cut, assemble and glue.  See the images below.

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